Thursday, October 4, 2007

Photos from OCA 20th Anniversary Banquet, September 28, 2007

OCA-East Bay's 20th Anniversary Banquet was a success, with a turnout of about 230 attendees in support of "Equal Access and Equal Opportunities." Those in attendance included California State Controller John Chiang, President of Laney College Frank Chong, Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai Bitker, Oakland City Council member Pat Kernighan, Alameda City Council member Lena Tam, and California Board of Equalization Betty Yee. Attendees from the Port of Oakland included Port Commissioner President Anthony Batarse, 1st VP Mark McClure, 2nd VP Darlene Ayers-Johnson, Port Commissioner Victor Uno, Port Executive Director Omar Benjamin. and Port Director of Maritime James Kwon.

Article from Sing Tao Daily

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