Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sponsor Family Bridges "Wynners Concert" with OCA-East Bay and Help our Seniors


California's fiscal crisis has hit our seniors citizens expecially hard with cuts to social security, services and medical care. For decades, our Chinatown community has depended on nonprofits like Family Bridges to provide the necessary social and health care services.

Unfortunately, Family Bridges is suffering significant state cuts. So, this year's Family Bridges Chinese SuperStar fundraising concert is taking on an urgent tone to raise even more money.

In this light, OCA-East Bay is inviting its members to jointly sponsor the Concert. The Concert will feature the "Wynners" - a very well-known pop group in Asian.

For $400, you will receive a VIP concert ticket or two regular admission tickets.

For $800, you will reveive 2 VIP tickets.

If you do not want the tickets, we'll donate them to seniors so that they can attend the concert.

The concert this year is at the Oakland McAfee Arena.

Please reply to me if you can contribute for this fun event. My phone # is 510-682-8305. Thank you.

Danny Wan.

Wynners concert flyer

Click on the picture for a larger flyer.

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