Thursday, August 20, 2009

Action Alert: Tell Congress to Support Health Care Reform TODAY!

Tell Congress to Support Health Care Reform TODAY!

OCA, a national organization dedicated to the social, political, and economic wellbeing of Asian Pacific Americans (APAs), believes that all people deserve quality, affordable health care. One in six Asian Americans and one in four Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are uninsured. Even with coverage, AAs and NHPIs experience disparities in health outcomes and quality of care.

Today, August 19, is a national Call-in Day organized by NAPAWF, the Asian American Justice Center and the Asian and Pacific Islander Health Forum. OCA wants you to take part in this collaboration to support healthcare reform.

Take Action!

  1. Call 1-877-264-4226. (Special thanks to Health Care for American NOW! for extending the use of their line.)
  2. Ask the operator to connect you to your Senator or Representative and give the operator your zip code. Once the operator connects you to your Rep/Senator' s office, a staffer in the office will answer the call.
  3. Say:

"My name is ___________ and I want affordable health care.

Please support the public plan that keeps costs down and makes health coverage affordable for everyone. All children and pregnant women should be covered.

I also want everyone to be treated fairly. I think it's unfair for tax-paying, legal immigrants to have to wait five years before they can get the help they need. Please remove the five year bar on Medicaid."

[Insert your own story!]

Please let your friends and networks know about today’s national action.

For more info about this Call-in Day, contact Deeana Jang at djang@apiahf. org, Alice Dong at adong@advancingequa or Priscilla Huang at phuang@napawf. org. For more information about OCA, contact Sarah Smith Nester at

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