Monday, February 22, 2010

Seeking Bay Area Students for OCA Summer Internship

We’ve been notified of an internship position in Speaker Pelosi’s Office. The deadline is coming up quick, but if you know of any students that would be great Congressional interns but need an extension, let Iimay Ho of the National Office know. Her contact information is below.

OCA Summer Internship
Placement in Speaker Pelosi’s Office

WHAT: The OCA Summer Internship program is one of the premier internship programs for college students interested in Asian Pacific American (APA) issues. Interns are placed in paid full-time positions in federal agencies, Congressional offices, and partner nonprofits in Washington, DC. Interns also learn about APA issues through a weekly brownbag luncheon series, and get the opportunity to help organize one of the largest APA conferences in the country at our annual National Convention.

CONGRESSIONAL PLACEMENT: We are currently seeking undergraduate students from (or attending school in) San Francisco for an internship placement in Speaker Pelosi’s DC office. Congressional interns have the unique opportunity to get an insider's perspective on policymaking. Congressional interns generally have many networking opportunities on Capitol Hill, attend staff and member meetings, write memos, conduct research, answer constituent mail, and perform other administrative tasks. This internship will be a great way for those interested in the legislative process to get their foot in the door and build lasting relationships with Congressional staffers. Applicants seeking this Congressional placement must be selected as an OCA intern and then interview with Pelosi’s office before confirming their placement.

HOW: The OCA summer internship application can be found online at under "Internship" under "Programs." Applicants must submit a completed application form, a resume, a 1-page essay, an unofficial transcript, and 2 letters of recommendation by March 1, 2010. Contact Iimay Ho at with questions.

IIMAY HO Program Manager
OCA National Center
1322 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
202-223-5500 tel
202-296-0540 fax

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Meia said...


Are students who will be in college next fall be eligible (like me)?


OCA-East Bay said...

Hi Meia,
Unfortunately the internship program is for undergraduate students currently enrolled in college. We definitely encourage you to apply next year when you are attending college.

However, there are three scholarships for APAs entering their first year in college that you may want to consider applying for.